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Great news - though I may be late!
When I went to Warped Tour a few week ago, I went over to the Dropkick Murphy's tent and they were telling me about the new GIVE 'EM THE BOOT DVD from Hellcat that is going to be released next week. I've been waiting for something on the Hellcat bands and it's finally here. Joe Strummer and Iggy Pop are on it...plus every Hellcat band to date. By far this will be one of the best music DVD release all year!
Fast. Loud. Pissed.

Tomorrow night!

Friday Feb. 18th:

MUSTARD PLUG (hopeless records)
Mary's eyes

@ Mac's Bar.
2700 E.Michigan ave. E.Lansing, MI.
Doors @ 9pm. 18+.
For more info: www.macsbar.com

also coming up...

Saturday March 12th:

and more tba.

@ the Longhorn Saloon.
946 Phillips ave. Toledo,OH.
Doors @ 8:30pm. all ages.

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Fast. Loud. Pissed.

Upcoming Dead Heroes shows:

**THIS SATURDAY** Sept. 11th:
w/ the Fightin' Hellfish, Malpractice and Deliliah Dewylde.
@ Mac's bar. 2700 E.Michigan. E.Lansing, MI. 21+, $5. 9pm.

Sun. Sept. 19th:
w/U.K.punk legends.....THE VIBRATORS!!! along with the All Time low's (ex-trash brats) and more tba.
@ Alvins. 5756 Cass. Detroit,MI. All ages, 8pm.

Mon. Oct. 25th:
wsg: the Billbondsmen & the Beerwhores.
@ Alvins. 5756 Cass. Detroit, MI. All ages, 8pm.

flick you off!! mofo!

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The 11 most underrated bands....EVER!:

1. The Modern Lovers
2. Zeke
3. The Saints
4. The Undertones
5. The Boys
6. D.S.-13
7. The Muffs
8. New Bomb Turks
9. The Weakerthans
10.The Honor System
11.Naked Aggresion

Thats my story and I'm stickin' to it!
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Fast. Loud. Pissed.

upcoming Dead Heroes shows:

Saturday March 20th:

w/BEERZONE, Malpractice, the Weekend Warriors & the Billbondsmen.

@ the Old Miami.
3930 Cass. Detroit,MI. 9pm, 21+.
For more info: http://www.theoldmiamidetroit.com


Saturday April 10th:

w/Up in arms, Static rituals and one more.

@ the Black Stone.
2223 Ashland. Toledo, OH. 7pm, all ages.


Friday April 23rd:

w/Subincision & the Chauvanists.

@Club 770~Union South, Madison, WI (U of W).
A smoke and alcohol-free dance club. No cover charge for most shows. UW students, union members, the University community and guests welcome. Sponsored by Music Committee, Wisconsin Union Directorate.
Union South / Room 140, 9:30pm.
For more info: http://www.union.wisc.edu/music/calendar.asp


Saturday April 24th:

Clear Channel productions presents:

"Silence=your death tour" w/ THE SUICIDE MACHINES!!
along with Against all authority & the Code.

@ St.Andrew's hall.
431 E.Congress ave. Detroit, MI. 7pm, all ages. $12.
For tickets: http:/www.cc.com

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AC/DC- "Back in black" CD
Caustic Christ- s/t 7"
Caustic Christ- "Cant relate" LP
The Cars- greatest hits LP
Negetive Approach- "Tied down" LP
Death in Custody- "All our friends are
pretentious assholes" CD-EP
AC/DC- "High Voltage" CD
Demonsystem 13- "Killed by the kids" LP
Demonsystem 13- "Vad vet vi om kriget?" CD
the Arrivals- "Exsenator orange" CD
Discharge- "Never again" CD
Lisboa/Kid Brother Collective- split CD-EP
the Riverdales- "Phase three" CD
Bump-n-uglies- "So powerful....so beautiful" CD
the Frisk- "Audio ransom note" CD
the Suicide Machines- "A match and some gasoline"
and alot of various oldies!!